Nemanja Rebic (Nemo) is a guitarist, singer and a composer who was educated at the Conservatorium Van Amsterdam and received private mentorship by some of the India’s most esteemed maestros. He has toured and performed across Europe, the United States and India. His distinctive guitar playing style explodes with texture and emotion, incorporating classical-style picking and unconventional percussive techniques.

As a soloist, Nemanja has received critical acclaim; his rich and delicately beautiful melodies often described as “soul-stirring”. As an accompanist, he has toured and recorded with a multitude of artists and bands and is recognized for his versatility across a diverse range of styles. He is also a passionate and dedicated teacher with over 10 years of experience educating students from elementary to university levels. If you are looking to develop a style that really stands out, Nemanja is the right teacher for you.

As a composer,arranger and producer Nemanja has been making music for documentaries, tv shows, tv commercials, promotional videos etc. He has collaborated with NTDTV and has written a number of concert reviews and music related articles for The Epoch Times newspaper.

Nemanja is currently based in New York with his wife and daughter, where he regularly performs concerts and teaches guitar.

He is very active in raising awareness about the horrific persecution of Falun Gong practitioners still taking place in China.

In November 2016, Nemanja was honored to be a finalist of one of the most prestigious guitar competitions in the world Guitar Masters 2016 which took place in Wroclaw, Poland.

Nemanja Rebic plays Skytop Guitars


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