New EP “High Abode” taking one on a journey to the mountains of the mind and the rivers of the heart…


Born in Serbia in 1979, Nemanja Rebic is an internationally acclaimed guitar virtuoso, singer and a song writer with over 20 years performance experience across Europe, the United States and India. He was educated at the Conservatorium Van Amsterdam and selected for private mentorship by India’s most esteemed maestros. A finalist in the 2016 Guitar Masters championship, his distinctive playing style explodes with texture and emotion, incorporating classical-style picking, unconventional percussive techniques, and layers of loops and effects. As a soloist, he has received critical acclaim; his rich and delicately beautiful melodies often described as “soul-stirring”.

Nemanja has toured and recorded with a multitude of artists and bands and has played on stages from Webster Hall to Carnegie Hall. Recognized for his versatility across a diverse range of styles, he is also a passionate and dedicated teacher with 10 years experience educating students from elementary to university levels.


2008 Disciple of Sitar Maestro, Ustad Shahid Parvez Khan

2006-2007 Disciple of Mridangam Guru, Vasudev M. Rao & Carnatic Singer, N. Ravikiran, Suswaralaya College of Music, Bangalore, India

2001-2006 Bachelor of Music, Jazz Guitar (primary), Classical Guitar & Tabla (secondary), Conservatorium Van Amsterdam


• “Speck of Dust”, Kate & Nemo (2018, Ingenious Records)

• “Lament”, Single (2017, for

• “Dancing in the Clouds”, Kate & Nemo (2017, for documentary “At the Dragon’s Gate”)

• “Lambs to Slaughter”, Acoustic (2015, for documentary “Harvested Alive”)

• “Lambs to Slaughter”, Sonic Belle (2013, Ingenious Records)

• “Joyous Lake”, Duo Geo (2011), with Bill Buchen, Recorded Composition for Tabla and Guitar

• “The Covers EP”, Galaxy of Tar (2011)

• “Volatile Glass”, Galaxy of Tar (2010)

• “Coming Down”, Neanderthal Alien (2006)

• Soundtracks for documentaries, Commissioned by NTD Television (various styles including: orchestral, classical, traditional Chinese and Japanese)

• Music themes for news and commercials, Commissioned by NTD Television

• Numerous compositions for students for educational purposes in various styles


• Carnegie Hall (2018), Featured Soloist

• 2016 Guitar Masters, Finalist

• Yel!fest, Sullivan Chamber of Commerce, NY

• Evolvefest, Conneticut

• Black Potatoe Festival, New York

• Webster Hall, New York

• Levi’s Freedom Jam (Festival), Pondicherry, India

• Fireflies Festival, Bangalore, India

• New Years Show, Madras, India

• Arts Center Festival, Madras India

• Sun to Stars Festival, New York, USA


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